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Gifts & Accessories

Xucker sweet gift ideas and recipe books from Xucker.


Xucker sweet gift ideas & accessories from Xucker

Whether for Christmas, a birthday or for every day - our sweet gifts and beautiful Xucker ideas bring joy to every occasion. So the birthday cake fight doesn't turn into a calorie carnival: with more than 400 calories per piece, the cheesecake is the front-runner among the heavyweights on the coffee table. Its other cake colleagues - for example the Black Forest cake, the crumble cake or the bee sting - follow closely on its heels. This is because it is usually the sugar content that causes the calorie count in cakes and tarts to rise. The classic birthday cake is therefore a gift that gives pleasure, but unfortunately also literally adds to the weight. Alternative: bake it yourself and replace sugar with Xucker. On our site and in our books you will find many ideas for baking with Xucker. Since xylitol behaves like xugar in baking, you can also use any baking recipe with regular sugar and replace the sugar with xugar. This definitely sets your cake apart from the others on the cake buffet, because yours is the one without the "guilty conscience" ingredient! Now that's a reason to celebrate!

Xucker Books and Gift Boxes

Ever tried to live without sugar for 30 days? It's quite a demanding challenge, which our book „Die 30 Tage Xucker-Challenge“ deals with. Let us tell you this much: the beginning is the biggest step. Once you've mastered that, the rest is easy. The positive effect of giving up household sugar is actually quite rapid. And many who have only given up sugar on a trial basis have stuck with it - out of conviction. The book is a great gift for people who like new perspectives and want to live consciously. And for those who would rather enjoy baking, we recommend our „Xucker Backbuch“. It is full of good recipes, without household sugar and without white flour. It is also ideal as a recipe book for diabetics. Doing without was yesterday! In our category Gifts & Accessories you will always find our latest gift boxes. They are packed with sweet things without household sugar and ideal for all those who want to taste their way through the assortment. Wellness for the palate in a compact format, lovingly put together by our staff. A joy to give as a gift or to keep for yourself... these are our gift boxes. Find out here which box suits your wishes!


Xylit-Bonbons Minze Klickschachtel (ohne Talkum)
€2.49 *
Content: 0.05 kg (€49.80 / 1 kg)
Xucker Bio-Set (Xylit und Erythrit)
€18.69 *
Content: 1.15 kg (€16.25 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Bonbons Himbeere Klickschachtel (ohne Talkum)
€2.49 *
Content: 0.05 kg (€49.80 / 1 kg)
Zuckerarmer Fruchtaufstrich Erdbeere (75 % Frucht)
€3.99 *
Content: 0.22 kg (€18.14 / 1 kg)
Xucker Light Sticks advantage box (erythritol)
€45.19 *
Content: 5 kg (€9.04 / 1 kg)
Vegane Edelbitter-Schokolade Pfefferminze mit Xylit
€2.39 *
Content: 0.08 kg (€29.88 / 1 kg)
Soon available
Xylit-Bonbons Minze Nachfüllpack (ohne Talkum)
€16.90 *
Content: 0.6 kg (€28.17 / 1 kg)
Powdered erythritol advantage box (ground erythritol)
€24.99 *
Content: 2.5 kg (€10.00 / 1 kg)
Gelierxucker 2:1 Vorteilsbox (Xylit)
€43.90 *
Content: 4 kg (€10.98 / 1 kg)
Bio Erythrit Schokoladen 3er-Set
€9.39 *
Content: 0.3 kg (€31.30 / 1 kg)
Vegane Schoko-Drops Edelbitter mit Xylit, groß
€18.49 *
Content: 0.75 kg (€24.65 / 1 kg)
Crispy Chocolate Riegel
€1.99 *
Content: 0.04 kg (€49.75 / 1 kg)
Zuckerarme Nuss-Nougat Creme ohne Palmöl (Erythrit)
€7.49 *
Content: 0.3 kg (€24.97 / 1 kg)
Weiße Schoko-Drops mit Xylit, klein
€5.69 *
Content: 0.2 kg (€28.45 / 1 kg)
Soon available
Xylit-Bonbons Eukalyptus Dose (ohne Talkum)
€3.99 *
Content: 0.1 kg (€39.90 / 1 kg)
Xucker Vegane Schokoladen-Mix
€4.29 *
Content: 0.16 kg (€26.81 / 1 kg)
Xucker Basic Xylit Beutel 4er-Set
€34.00 *
Content: 4 kg (€8.50 / 1 kg)
Xucker Light-Set (Erythrit)
€17.49 *
Content: 2 kg (€8.75 / 1 kg)
Fruchtaufstriche 2er-Set Zwetschge & Apfel-Zimt
€7.49 *
Content: 0.44 kg (€17.02 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Kaugummis Freshmint Nachfüllpack
€24.00 *
Content: 0.6 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Kaugummis Fruchtmix Nachfüllpack
€24.00 *
Content: 0.6 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)
Xucker Premium Sticks Vorteilsbox (Xylit aus Finnland)
€63.49 *
Content: 4 kg (€15.87 / 1 kg)
Zuckerarme Schokokuchen Backmischung
€5.99 *
Content: 0.35 kg (€17.11 / 1 kg)
Vegane Schoko-Drops Edelbitter mit Xylit, klein
€5.69 *
Content: 0.2 kg (€28.45 / 1 kg)

Gifts – (not) an expensive pleasure

What do we all have too little of? Time! That's why, in addition to our sweet Xucker gifts, we also recommend giving the gift of time when someone asks us privately for gift ideas for their loved ones. Washing mum's windows? Taking Aunt Gabi's dog for a walk? A massage for Peter? A family walk? Sorting files for Trude? Giving time as a gift can be personalized and is usually much more valuable than the hundredth vase of flowers or the fifth scarf. That's why we're big fans of time gifts. Baking sugar-free together would also be a nice gift of time - you'll find lots of inspiration for this in our Xucker baking book. And besides, less sugar is the best gift for our bodies!