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Xucker - what is that actually?

Xucker - with an X. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Xucker below and in our magazine. We explain exactly what Xucker is, how it is made, whether it is suitable for you and what you can use Xucker for instead of sugar..

Interesting facts about Xucker

Xucker is sweet! The name Xucker stands for the sugar alternatives xylitol (Xucker Premium) and erythritol (Xucker Light). Xucker is produced from natural raw materials using modern processes and enables us to do without sugar - but still enjoy sweet treats.

Xucker Premium and Xucker Basic have 40% fewer calories than household sugar and sweeten just as strongly. They are made exclusively from plant-based raw materials - without genetic engineering, of course. Both products are ideal for baking, cooking and desserts Xucker Light is the perfect sweetener for all those who want to sweeten hot drinks and desserts without calories. For baking it is used as Powdered Xucker for use in baking. As Xucker Bronxe it adds a delicious caramel note to tea, roasted almonds or popcorn. Xucker Light is produced by fermenting sugar, similar to beer and wine.

How is Xucker made?

Xucker is made from the polyhydric alcohols xylitol and erythritol. These are obtained from natural and renewable raw materials such as plant fibers or cereal starch. We use only non-GMO raw materials and bottle our sweeteners in our own production facility in Berlin.
With Xucker you can finally sweeten without harming your health. Only in the first few days you should not overdo it, because excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. Unlike sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, maltitol and isomalt, your body gets used to larger amounts of xylitol and erythritol after a few days. Especially for children, Xucker is a great sugar alternative after a slow acclimatization.

Xucker in use - which Xucker is suitable for what?

With Xucker you can cook, bake and sweeten drinks and desserts

Sweet drinks in particular promote tooth decay if they are sweetened with sugar. Drinking drinks that contain Xucker instead of sugar, on the other hand, helps to maintain tooth mineralisation.

If you drink a lot of sweetened beverages, Xucker Light is the more suitable sweetener, provided you like it moderately sweet. If you like it very sweet, use Xucker Premium or Basic.

For baking, you can use Xucker Premium and Basic 1:1 like sugar. You can also combine sugar with Xucker Premium/Basic or Xucker Light in any ratio without any problems. With wholemeal yeast dough, you can add one teaspoon of sugar per 500 g of flour to the dough to speed up fermentation - yeast fungi cannot metabolise Xucker.

Xucker Light is good for baking cheesecake, but less so for shortcrust and sponge dough - unless you mix it 1:1 with Xucker Premium/Basic (or, oh sin, with sugar). Xucker Light will otherwise crystallize as the dough cools and crackle between your teeth. For the same reason, only xylitol is suitable for making jam.

Xucker for everyone!

Preserve & jelly fruit with Xucker

You can make delicious fruit spreads. However, it is important that you use a suitable gelling agent, for example low-esterified pectin. The easiest way is to use our ready-made mixture, then you only need fruit and jars. The jars and especially the lids have to be cleaned thoroughly, it is best to at least boil the lids. This is a sure way to prevent mould. Gelierxucker does not contain any preservatives, but if you work cleanly, the finished fruit spread will last for 2 years without any problems.

Xucker also sweetens ice cream, chocolate, lollies & chewing gum

Most chewing gums now contain xylitol instead of sugar, which makes them dental care gums . Eating such chewing gums several times a day reduces your risk of tooth decay. However, chewing gums are often extremely expensive in relation to the amount of xylitol they contain (more than 100 euros per kg of xylitol). However, we now offer inexpensive xylitol chewing gums. Xylitol chocolate is now available at affordable prices. The selection is constantly growing, discover our delicious variety of chocolate.

Icy refreshment with Xucker

If you like to make your own ice cream, Xucker is a suitable sugar substitute that allows you to enjoy it without remorse. This is even more true if you mix (frozen) fruit with cream, yoghurt and any Xucker Premium/Basic/Light and otherwise keep the ice cream churning as usual. Chocolate ice cream is also great to make with Xucker. When using erythritol, you need an ice cream maker with high cooling capacity, otherwise the ice cream will not be firm enough.

*Consumption of foods/drinks containing xylitol/erythritol instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks.