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Press releases

We're spreading the sweet word! Do you have any questions? Wonderful!

We're happy to tell you in interviews why we love what we do! Why we are so convinced of Xucker. We rant about sugar, cheer for chocolate, celebrate Easter bunnies, explain processes and share life stories. We'll tell you how to live sugar-free, share our best recipes, rave about work-life balance and motivated people and the most inspiring customers in the world. Our employees talk to you about healthy eating, produce films about culinary hits, give you a look behind the scenes and tell you what brought them to us. Our colourful and lively photos will illustrate your texts. Plus, you can find out what others have to say about us. And that's not all! We love questioners, because we have a lot to tell: Each of our products is a story in itself.

Get to know us, in full sweetness on the spot or virtuoso-virtually. In our press area you will find all contacts, documents and photos to make reporting xucker easy!

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Press contact

Christin Chmielorz
Xucker GmbH
Wohlrabedamm 3A, 13629 Berlin
Mail: presse@xucker.de

"Everything on Xucker. For each product, Xucker selects the most suitable sweeteners in the optimal combination and dosage. Trend for the health-conscious."

"What makes Xucker so healthy? On the one hand, this is - as already mentioned - lower in calories than conventional household sugar and even has almost as high a sweetening power. Therefore, Xucker is especially popular with those who want to eat healthy and especially lose weight [...] In plain language: Due to the xylitol, there is no insulin release, which in turn prevents the blood sugar level from skyrocketing."

"Xucker from Berlin continues to be a real niche hit. The Berlin startup Xucker positions itself as a alternative to classic sugar. Specifically, it's about sweeteners like xylitol and erythritol. Snacks such as sweets but also fruit spreads sweetened with Xucker taste more or less as usual, but contain no sugar. And with success!"

"XUCKER AS A SUGAR ALTERNATIVE! Bye-bye, sugar! That's why we now only bake cakes with xylitol! From now on, you can snack (almost) without a guilty conscience: At least if you replace sugar with the sugar substitute xylitol."


You can find more on our YouTube-Channel.