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General Questions

Xylitol (Xucker Premium and Xucker Basic Xylitol) and erythritol (= Xucker Light/Basic Erythritol) are two related sugar alcohols with slightly different properties:
  • Erythritol is calorie-free, but is only about 70% as sweet as xylitol and sugar.
  • Erythritol is better tolerated than other sugar alcohols: xylitol and other sugar alcohols cause flatulence and/or diarrhea when consumed in large quantities. However, the laxative effect of xylitol decreases after a settling-in period.  
  • Xylitol is not tolerated by some people with fructose intolerance, whereas erythritol is.
  • Diabetics can use erythritol without restrictions, but they should check their blood sugar levels to be on the safe side when using large amounts of xylitol.  
  • Xylitol is better known than erythritol for its dental care effect, but wrongly so, as erythritol has a comparable effect. A combination of both protects the teeth the most (although this is only slightly better than with xylitol alone).  
  • The solubility of xylitol in water is greater than that of erythritol. It is not possible to make jam with erythritol, for example, because the erythritol would crystallise after cooling. Xylitol is also more suitable for baking, especially in rather dry cakes such as marble cakes. Erythritol can only be used in cakes with a high residual moisture content, such as cheesecake. You can also mix xylitol and erythritol. You can find lots of tips on this in our  World of recipes.
Xucker Light is pure erythritol and, like xylitol, belongs to the group of sugar alcohols. Erythritol is calorie-free and also occurs naturally, e.g. in grapes, pears or melons. Xucker Light is best used to sweeten hot drinks such as coffee and tea, but only to a certain extent. If you like it sweeter, you should use our new Xucker Like Sugar or xylitol.
Erythritol is also very suitable for sweetening desserts and moist cakes such as cheesecake. It's best to take a look at our recipe page. There you will find special recipes for each sweetener.
Erythritol has no calories, is very well tolerated and is also a popular sugar substitute for diabetics. Because erythritol is not metabolized and is excreted via the kidneys, Xucker Light does not contain any usable calories.
Xucker Premium is xylitol - commonly known as "birch sugar". The xylitol used comes exclusively from Finland and tastes just like sugar, but does not have its disadvantages. For example, it has 40% fewer calories, is tooth-friendly* and has a lower impact on your blood sugar levels**.

*Consuming foods or drinks that contain xylitol instead of sugar helps to maintain tooth mineralisation.
**Der Verzehr von Lebensmitteln oder Getränken, die anstelle von Zucker Xylit enthalten, bewirkt, dass der Blutzuckerspiegel nach ihrem Verzehr weniger stark ansteigt als beim Verzehr von zuckerhaltigen Lebensmitteln oder Getränken

The xylitol for Xucker is obtained from European hardwoods (Xucker Premium) or from maize plant fibres (Xucker Basic Xylitol). Neither the plants nor any other raw materials used are genetically modified. The term "birch sugar" is often used for xylitol for advertising reasons and suggests that it is made from birch. However, even if it comes from Finland, like our Xucker Premium, 95% of it is made from beech and other hardwoods and a maximum of 5% from birch. However, this makes no difference to the quality.
Xylitol is dangerous for some animals (e.g. dogs, rabbits, goats). Xylitol provokes an insulin release in them, which excessively lowers the blood sugar level. Even small doses (5 g) of xylitol can be fatal for dogs. A sugar solution helps as an immediate measure. Be sure to take your pet to a vet or veterinary clinic. Cats, on the other hand, tolerate xylitol well. Some cat owners even add a little xylitol to their cat's drinking water to reduce the formation of tartar and plaque.

Metabolic problems do not occur in humans - not even as a disease.
The term "sugar alcohols" or "polyhydric alcohols" in the nutritional table may be a little confusing, but it simply refers to the chemical group to which the sweeteners xylitol and erythritol belong. This has nothing to do with the alcohol contained in beer and wine. Therefore, everyone can consume our products without risk.

The xylitol used comes from the EU or China. In any case, we work with GMO-free raw materials. We obtain the xylitol in our Xucker Basic from China. This is made from guaranteed GMO-free maize and/or natural plant fibres. The wood used for xylitol in Xucker Premium comes from sustainable forestry in Finland.
In terms of quality, purity is a particularly important aspect of xylitol. However, there is no difference between the Finnish and Chinese versions - even in terms of flavour.

Xucker Light is made from maize from the EU. Starch is produced from the maize, which in turn is used to produce glucose. This is fermented to produce Xucker Light. Xucker Basic Erythritol is made from Chinese erythritol. Xucker Organic Erythritol is made from certified organic maize from China. The organic guidelines in China cover cultivation, processing and bottling. The certification body Ceres from Germany was on site and audits the farmers and the manufacturer every year. The Chinese organic label is therefore on a par with its German counterpart.

Both erythritol and xylitol are ideal sweeteners for a low-carb diet, even though they are pure carbohydrates.

The low-carb diet is not about carbohydrates in general, but about those that your body can metabolise quickly and make available as blood sugar/glucose. There are numerous carbohydrates that are metabolised independently of insulin, i.e. they do not increase blood sugar levels or only slightly. These include xylitol and erythritol. Erythritol in particular is not metabolised to any significant extent, which is why it is considered calorie-free.

When you eat sugary foods, your blood sugar level rises. This causes the pancreas to release insulin and the blood sugar level drops sharply again. In most cases, the blood sugar level drops so low that the body reports a slight hypoglycaemia. It reacts to this hypoglycaemia with ravenous hunger or an appetite for sweets.

If you change your diet and avoid sugar, you can stop this cycle. However, you should make sure that you don't eat any foods that cause your blood sugar levels to rise sharply. This includes eating more than two handfuls of fruit, white flour products such as pasta and bread and sugared products from the supermarket shelf.

If you fancy something sweet and use Xucker, this is not a problem. This is because Xucker Premium only has a glycaemic index of 10 and therefore only causes a very small rise in blood sugar levels. The release of insulin from the pancreas is minimal.

If you use Xucker Light or Xucker Bronxe, your blood sugar level will not rise at all and your body will not release any insulin. This is precisely the great thing about our products. Du solltest bereits nach ein paar Stücken Xucker Schokolade oder einem Stück selbstgemachten Vollkorn-Brownie mit Xucker befriedigt sein und keinen weiteren Appetit auf Süßes haben, der Heißhunger bleibt aus.

Grundsätzlich kannst du sowohl mit Xylit als auch Erythrit gut backen, wenn du einige Sachen beachtest. Am einfachsten ist das Backen jedoch mit Xucker Like Sugar, das wir entwickelt haben, um es dir besonders leicht zu machen, Zucker überall zu ersetzen.

Erythrit besitzt nur 70% der Süßkraft von herkömmlichen Zucker und löst sich schlechter als zum Beispiel Xylit oder Zucker. Gerade in trockenen Gebäcken kann dies dazu führen, dass Erythrit auskristallisiert. Mit Puder-Erythrit tritt dieser Effekt nicht oder nur sehr schwach auf. Für feuchte Kuchen, z.B. Käsekuchen, ist Erythrit sehr gut geeignet. In unserem Magazin findest du weitere Tipps zum Backen mit Xucker Light.

Mit Xylit kannst du so backen wie mit Zucker, allerdings werden Kekse mit Xylit nicht so knusprig wie mit Zucker. Am besten funktioniert Xylit mit fluffigen Teigarten wie Rührkuchen oder für Tortenböden.

Eine weitere Alternative wäre eine Mischung aus Xylit und Erythrit. Die Mischung sollte 1:1 hergestellt werden und kann anschließend im Verhältnis 100:120 (100 Gramm Zucker entsprechen 120 Gramm Erythrit/Xylit) verwendet werden.

Auf unserer Rezepteseite haben wir zahlreiche Rezepte für alle Süßungsmittel. Dort wirst du sicher fündig!

The following applies to erythritol (Xucker Light, Xucker Basic Erythritol): use approx. 1.3 to 1.4 times the amount of sugar to achieve the same sweetening power (by weight), as the sweetening power of erythritol is only around 70% of that of sugar. However, many people also use it 1:1 and get used to a less sweet flavour.

For xylitol (Xucker Premium, Xucker Basic Xylitol): use it 1:1 like sugar.
Für Xucker Like Sugar gilt: verwende es 1:1 wie Zucker, aber nur bezogen auf das Gewicht. Xucker Like Sugar ist ziemlich voluminös, so dass ein gehäufter Teelöffel Zucker etwa 1,5 gehäuften Löffel Xucker Like Sugar entspricht.

Xucker-Schokolade wird entweder mit Xylit oder Erythrit gesüßt. Xylit hat weniger Kalorien und Erythrit keine, aber der Hauptanteil der in Schokolade enthaltenen Kalorien stammen aus dem Fettanteil des Kakaos bzw. der Kakaobutter.

So entspricht die Kalorienzahl der Schokoladen zwar in etwa der Kalorienzahl von normaler Schokolade, also 513 bis 559 kcal pro 100 g (je nach Sorte), aber der Vorteil gegenüber normaler Schokolade liegt besonders darin, dass der Blutzuckerspiegel deutlich langsamer ansteigt und deshalb auch weniger Insulin benötigt wird. Damit bleibt die berühmte Berg- und Talfahrt des Blutzuckers aus, die man nach dem Genuss zuckerhaltiger Schokolade durchläuft. Bei Xucker-Schokolade kommt der „Kick“ also nur vom Geschmack und nicht vom Zucker, der uns auf Dauer damit auch süchtig machen kann.

The tiny amount of dextrose (a type of sugar) contained in our fruit spreads comes from the gelling agent, in which the fluctuations in the natural raw material pectin are balanced out using dextrose. Unfortunately, there is no pectin-containing gelling agent without dextrose.
The amount of dextrose added via the gelling agent is negligible and has virtually no influence on the total sugar content. The sugar content listed in the nutritional table comes mainly from the fruit it contains. We avoid sugar whenever possible. In this case, some dextrose is necessary to be able to make fruit spreads at all.
As a reseller, you are welcome to purchase from us at dealer conditions. After a successful review of your enquiry as a reseller, we will have the opportunity to activate you. If you would like us to create a reseller account for you or convert your customer account into a reseller account, please send us information about your current sales channels, your business registration and your VAT ID, stating your customer number ID. We will then immediately check whether you can be confirmed as a reseller for Xucker. 

We are regularly asked whether we can offer a reward if you recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. There are concepts like this at other companies, but it only works if the entire marketing is designed as a voucher and referral system on a commission basis from the outset. But then the prices would also have to be about 7% higher, because nothing comes from nothing. However, we consider higher prices to be a very strong argument against this type of marketing. We hope you can understand our point of view.

If you are a professional social media marketer, please write to us at Marketing and tell us about your channels.

Unfortunately not. We are a mail order company and food manufacturer and therefore have to fulfil numerous requirements. This includes keeping the number of people entering our building to a minimum. This makes it extremely difficult for us to find a good solution that makes collection possible. We also do not have the space required for a factory outlet.

Mit unserem kostenlosen Newsletter erfährst du immer aus erster Hand welche Produktneuheiten es bei Xucker gibt und welche exklusiven Angebote auf dich warten. Diesen kannst du bestellen, wenn du dich bei uns als Kunde registrierst. Falls du bereits Kunde bist, kannst du den Newsletter in deinem Kundenkonto abonnieren und auch jederzeit wieder abbestellen.

Auf unserer Website unter "Was ist Xucker?" findest du die häufigsten Fragen und Antworten, sowie Wissenswertes rund um das Thema Xucker Premium (Xylit) und Xucker Light (Erythrit). Sollte darüber hinaus trotzdem noch eine Frage unbeantwortet bleiben, kannst du uns gerne kontaktieren.

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