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About us

Why we love what we do

Xucker stands for sweet enjoyment without sugar. Our goal is to give as many people as possible the chance to do without sugar. That's why we want to develop more and more sugar-free products and bring them to market. This is a dream come true. The dream of Xucker founder Christian Weiten. Christian wanted to find a sugar substitute that was healthy and just as sweet as conventional sugar. And it had to be low in calories. Christian was firmly convinced that it should be possible for everyone to eat healthily, be self-determined and be happy. That's why he founded "Xucker" in May 2010. With a brand, he thought, it's easier to spread the message and the products. And that's what he's been able to do.  

Everyone who has worked at Xucker since then, and those who are there today, love sweets. Unfortunately, sweets and also many other foods contain a lot of sugar, with which we basically harm our body and mind. That's why we develop and sell food and sweeteners that contain only xylitol and erythritol instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. So your friends, your family and yourself can enjoy sweets and eat something good every day. We find: When people eat healthy and enjoyable at the same time, they can enjoy their whole life better.

How is it possible to combine sugar-free sweets and good taste, and how do we get as many people as possible excited about a healthy, sugar-free lifestyle? At Xucker, we think of nothing else - whether in the warehouse, customer service, lab, or shipping. We develop ideas, test out our theories, get back together, discard or refine our concepts until it fits. Together, we also think around corners sometimes, because we don't stick to old structures. With us, every opinion counts the same and everyone here has the feeling that they can say what they mean. We are a team.

When we meet in the cafeteria, there are of course the products we make every day. We drink our cappuccino with the Xucker we like best. By the way, take "Xucker Bronxe", it tastes like brown sugar! Often, someone will bring a sugar-free cake for dessert after trying a recipe. People who are visiting the company, or applicants who have an appointment right away and are walking by in the hallway, we invite them, of course. We sit together, chat, laugh and start our mission again at the end of the break. We already pack and ship hundreds of shipments every day. Not only within Germany, but also to many European countries.